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Living away from children is not easy for elderly parents. With numerous gadgets which were invented to save human time, time has ironically become a scarcest resource for many of us today, inhibiting many children to provide adequate time to their parents. SHRAVAN provides companionship and support to elder parents just like their children, be it rejuvenating their environment, taking them along to a temple, mosque, gurdwara or church, relieving them from their loneliness by listening and talking, accompanying them on local and out-station visits or trips etc.

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SHRAVAN is a trustworthy, dependable and childlike companion for you or your loved ones. SHRAVAN’S are specially trained individuals so that they can provide a quality time to the elders or anyone feeling alone. An applicant goes through our PPPD verification process, stringent selection criterion and training to evolve as a care giving companion, SHRAVAN

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Always with you, in need

SHRAVAN is not a medical assistant but a childlike companion who has medical training like mapping blood sugar, blood pressure, giving CPR etc. Hence he is your first medical responder. With his psychological training, SHRAVAN tries to eliminate negative thoughts and fear. And provides positive energy to live a healthy life. SHRAVAN is also technologically updated, hence resolves minor issues like booking a cab, ordering food or groceries etc. for the elderly.

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Avoiding Loneliness Ailments

It is medically proven that the loneliness of the elderly causes many mental and physical disease which are mainly caused due to inactivity of the brain muscles. SHRAVAN's are specially trained to engage the elderly in various non-exhaustive mental and physical activities like playing games, going for a walk, teaching new mobile operations, etc which keeps their mind and body healthy.

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